"Bringing fun to Upper Hutt for over 100 years"

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The Upper Hutt Summer Carnival is a non-profit making organization; it seeks to ensure the widest participation of the community in the event. Fee’s are collected to cover ground set up costs, advertising, signage, Marquee use and costs where services or equipment need to be hired. The majority of public displays are provided for little or no charge, hundreds of people give their time to ensure the continuing success of this community event. The Summer Carnival is an event for everyone from all walks of life, spend a little or a lot, bring your picnic lunch or tuck into something special from one of the many and varied food vendors, find a spot under the shade of a native tree or soak up the sun, get wet or stay dry – this event is about you, your family, friends and our wider community – come join in, take part or sit back and look on. Make this a day of relaxation, a day of thrills or both. Create wonderful memories that your children will remember and talk about in years to come, as they grow older and start families of their own.


The Carnival attracts an estimated 15,000 plus people from throughout the region. Amusement rides and side-shows will thrill. You will experience the largest variety of rides brought to the Wellington Region for this day. The Carnival hosts several National Competitions that are conducted on this same weekend each year as part of a national circuit. The Upper Hutt Axeman Club have held local and Trans-Tasman events at the Carnival and continue to attract a crowd captivated by their skill and agility as they Chop and Climb large poles. The Wellington Regional Excavators Competition has been held at the event for several years now and is running very successfully. We offer free live entertainment with a range of different bands playing. Food stalls offer traditional Carnival Foods such as Candy Floss, Soft Serve Ice Creams, Hotdogs and then tastes from the Oriental and Asia. Craft stalls, displays and exhibitions are enjoyed by the thousands who come to the Carnival.

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